SWIM – [Chloe Tang]

As I’ve grown older I’ve learned that life is best lived as flexibly as possible. People that do not fixate on society’s rules and norms tend to be much happier, moving like water in a world that demands details and organization. Due to my special affinity for overthinking and #panicattacks, I am unfortunately not one of these people – but I have always envied those who can move through life untethered without care. Among them is LA-based singer/songwriter Chloe Tang who returns this month with her new bop “SWIM” – a track that even though I may be a bit late in covering (sorry lol), it still sounds just as new and refreshing as it did 3 weeks ago. Rejecting the rigid hegemony of labels and romantic relationships, Chloe Tang opts to go with the flow on her new ambient-R&B-flavored banger. Between Chloe’s vocal harmonies and Adam Boukis’s fluid production style – “SWIM” is the perfect song for both cuffing season AND reflecting on summertime memories at the pool or beach. With more music likely coming down the pipeline before the end of the year, “SWIM” needs to be on your radar as the leaves start to change color and do their thing. Until new music comes, you can find me in the club yelling at the DJ to play Chloe Tang.


Check out Chloe Tang’s new single “SWIM” below: