Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed always seems to unlock a few musical gems, and today, one of these gems arrives in the form of an artist going by the name Zoe Cartier and her brand new single, “Susie”. Produced by Brandon Huling, this warm-weathered anthem finds its fuel within the galvanizing energy of the flute melodies and knocking drum patterns. Huling’s production seemingly floats alongside Cartier’s lyrics, and it only gets better when her ringing hooks take charge of the song and let loose a few lyrics that I’ll have stuck in my head all day long. Additionally, the brutally honest, frankly-put theme at hand is best showcased in the way that Cartier loses and finds herself in the sun-soaked style that this single brings to the light. Each of the two artists work in complementary manners, and needless to say, “Susie” is a magnificent final product. Give it a listen at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!