SURFIN – [Kojima Plus] feat. [ZAYALLCAPS]

Though the world of upcoming artists is decorated with an endless roster of undeniable talent and boundary-pushing music, few artists get support from me like Kojima Plus and ZAYALLCAPS. Carter Fife devotees (my mom) might recognize Kojima Plus from the TikTok favorite “snow elf” or LL coverage for his last project SKYLINE UNLIMITED – an EP decorated with futuristic and genre-blurring bangers from one of LA’s best kept secrets. On SKYLINE UNLIMITED there exists a bop known as “SURFIN”, an atmospheric and hypnotic R&B-meets-hip-hop-meets-DnB anthem featuring two of underground music’s most cherished darlings. Enter Kojima Plus and ZAY: together they unite to amplify each other’s undeniable artistic spirit and charisma on what is possibly the best song of 2022. This month fans are treated to “SURFIN”‘s long-awaited visual, a hazy and melancholic masterpiece filled with 203 seconds of raw and film grain sunset vibes. Directed by SEBCUBILLE – shots of the beach and airplanes flying overhead are juxtaposed against shots of Kojima and special guest ZAY simply doing their thing. If the visual leaves you ravenous to see this song performed live – you’re not alone, but you’re also too late. The duo recently performed this track together at LA’s Jojank & Friends event earlier this month – feeding fans with their rarified energy while perhaps offering a harbinger of more performances to come? Time will tell, but in the meantime, you can catch me learning how to do the Charleston while keeping “SURFIN” on repeat.

Check out Kojima Plus and ZAYALLCAPS on the new visual for “SURFIN”: