We have been getting blessed with a ton of great new music this week, and that list continues as this morning Lyrical Lemonade favorite Felly dropped his brand new album titled “Surf Trap“. There is a total of ten records on this new project and after playing through it one time it’s clear that Felly has continued to evolve as an artist, which makes sense considering that he started making music at a young age, you can literally hear him maturing with each project. I don’t believe it would be a reach to say that this new body of work is his best project to date, the entire tape had perfect cohesiveness and felt like something bigger, providing anthems that will be in rotation for several months to come. Along with the release of this brand new album + brand new visual for “Dying To Tell You”, Felly was kind enough to answer a few questions about “Surf Trap“, check them out below as you stream the project via Spotify!






EM: What is your personal favorite song off of this new album?

Felly:  I really like Reinvention.  It’s supposed to be an interlude, but I didn’t want to belittle it.  That one just feels closest to me.
EM: What inspired the idea for Surf Trap?
Felly: I was with Ben Jayne (prod of “New Freezer” & more) in New York making guitar beats and we were trying to describe the vibe of mixing colorful guitar chords with 808 driven sounds.  One of his homies was like “it’s like surf…trap”. Then months went by with me creating w that phrase/genre in my head.  It felt like something new.
EM: Your style has evolved a ton as an artist, do you look back sometimes and see how far you have came?
Felly: Yea I mean it’s good and bad to look back.  Sometimes I don’t want to cause I want to hit the renewal button every time I create.  But it’s nice to look at your roots and sort of feel previous versions of yourself.  Once they’re out though, like an album or a version of yourself, that part of you is out.  It’s like writing down an idea, you don’t have to worry about it lingering in your head any more.
EM: You’re going back on tour next month, what is your favorite city you have been to so far in your career?
Felly:  I love the middle of nowhere places: Oklahoma and like Mississippi and shit.  I think Montana bout to be our biggest show this tour.  I like the kids in these areas I think cause they’re not over saturated with acts so when you do come in town they got that energy.
EM: You just dropped an awesome new visual for “Dying To Tell You”, can your fans be expecting more videos for songs off of this album?
Felly: Yeaaa we filmed so much for this album.  The “Dying To Tell You” video was my art project.  I wanted to show love to like 60’s sea creature films.  Creature of the Black Lagoon/ocean at night vibes.   I have around three (in my opinion better) videos coming.  “Maple” is about to be crazy that’ll come in the next week or so.