Supplier! – [Crisaunt]

Crisaunt is a pop act out of Raleigh North Carolina that has been putting up some pretty impressive numbers on his singles. His latest effort is his dreamy and easy-going pop ballad “Supplier.” What’s really crazy about Crisaunt’s story is that he was working at a Starbucks and graduated high school not even a year ago. I know we wore the term bedroom pop out in 2019 but if you were to put a tag on his sound it definitely falls under the category. Reminiscent of bedroom pop acts like Cuco and Victor Internet, Crisaunt is able to carve out his own lane in this atmosphere, and from the looks of it has a pretty large dedicated following at this early of a stage in his career. TikTok seems like a lottery ticket for artists because it can literally blow up and thrust an independent act into the limelight in a week’s time. The platform has helped Crisaunt’s other singles garner a lot of attention as well.

Stream Crisaunt’s newest single “Supplier” for yourself after the break.