Returning to our pages today, New York-based talent prettyboyshav has released yet another smash. Between his last three records, it has quickly become obvious how much of an understanding he has for his sound and where he plans to take it. This record specifically, titled “supernova”, captures a very vibrant, feel-good energy that can be felt even before the first lyric hits.

The song was tackled by none other than shav and his right hand Mike Irish as they teamed up to cultivate what shav describes as “the spirit of the song, the culmination of self-belief and self-love.” Shav explained to me that “before this project, I was in a dark place, but by the end of it I believed I was as strong as an exploding ball of light.” “Before recording, he added, Mike and I had a long talk as we usually do.” During that pivotal conversation, they discussed “creating and emoting in a vacuum, to make what’s pure. Forgetting about the expectation and focusing on how we feel.” This becomes evident with each listen, for you can hear the clarity and passion with shav’s lyrical delivery in every line. Lastly, shav wants everyone to hear this song and “focus on the purity of creation and the why that got us here.”

Pay attention to prettyboyshav as he shows so signs of slowing down this year and continues to shine light on his talent with every step he takes. Stream “supernova” below and follow prettyboyshav on Instagram and Twitter!