Superficial – [Kurtains]

The concept of pure and utter emotional honesty is something that is all-too-prevalent within nearly any young act working in today’s music landscape, regardless of their level of prominence. Acts today are finding it easier and easier to saturate their forward-thinking and incredibly unheard-of approaches to their craft with a telling sense of vulnerability and genuine candidness.

One of today’s most influential acts who has paved one of the most vivid lanes for the future of pop music in Kurtains has practically made a career out of flaunting their down-to-earth and transparent image through their music alone — all the while doing so with a sonic approach that is usually off-the-wall and sporadic in its obscured and glitched-out passages and overall structure in its entirety. These aspects combine to give this outstanding talent a status all to their own as an unreachable and untapped modern musical entity by themselves.

Constantly looking to cement this notion further and further into the public consciousness, their latest string of singles have been nothing short of brilliant in this light. But even with that being said, their most recent single “Superficial” is arguably one of their most revealing releases yet from a thematic standpoint, yet it does just as much to add to their growing artistry all the same.

This sentiment is simply due to the fact that the song is outstanding nonetheless; though it takes a far more subdued and controlled approach structurally compared to most of their previous offerings, the song’s transparent and sentimental themes are some of the most remarkably poetic passages of the entire year.

The track takes a brief, yet substantial look into the internal struggles that Kurtains themselves are currently facing with another individual close to them. They paint such a vivid picture of confusion, dismay, and displeasure with their verses here, crafting together a setting that likely resonates with quite a great deal of others dealing with a difficult living situation, physically or otherwise.

This narrative takes shape over a soft and out-of-the-way instrumental that lets their signature muted, yet upfront vocal delivery shine above all else. The lack of too many sonic aspects here truly does the most in elevating and enhancing the song’s most important facets from a lyrical perspective, while also making for an adequately desolate feeling in the process.

The place that Kurtains holds within the rising next wave of young musicians on the Internet is matched by only few, and it is songs like these that simultaneously prove that statement’s validity, while also adding another lane into their outstanding catalog as it already was. This type of approach as a whole is slowly becoming more and more of the norm, and it is safe to say that they have found themselves always doing it first, and doing it better than the rest.