Super Fancy 2 – [BEAR1BOSS]

In the current climate of music, it feels as though a considerable portion of new releases are designed to be marketable – to fit some sort of “mold” that will be palatable for a large base of listeners, and to catch on with fairly quick success. Frankly, while this approach may make digital marketers look good, it ruins so much of the risk that makes art worth it, which only strengthens my appreciation for those who make a hard left when everyone else goes right. Few artists today are taking this hard left as confidently as BEAR1BOSS right now, who’s here today with an impeccable new project, Super Fancy 2.

25 tracks in length, the project was released via Popstar FM – the brainchild of Popstar Benny, whose dedication to left-of-center art for years at this point has been nothing less than brilliant. It’s a long one, but in all of the tape’s eccentricity, Super Fancy 2 is a comprehensive look inside the truly one-of-a-kind character that is BEAR1BOSS. He’s fully committed to creating a world of his own design, and in all of its insane glory, Super Fancy 2 accomplishes this with unbelievable detail, fervor, and creativity.

To try and capture all of my thoughts around this project feels impossible, so to preface this description, the only way to understand the project is to sit down and listen on your own.

But in short, BEAR1BOSS is colorful. He’s a popstar, he’s dramatic, he’s wildly melodic, he’s weird, he’s massively compelling, and he doesn’t seem to mind being the center of attention. Musically, among other genres, he navigates seamlessly through a mixture of pop, EDM, and trap influences, while stylistically, Super Fancy 2 decorates itself with Gangsta Grillz-esque DJ tags, Kanye West-inspired artwork, and a high fashion, Paris-set backdrop. In every way, the tape feels like a million different worlds of art and music crashing into one another at this oddly colorful intersection, but it’s organized and committed enough to turn this melting pot of influence into its own, entirely singular thing. It’s the world of BEAR1BOSS, and that’s just about the only way to describe it.

To summarize my thoughts, I think the “popstar” positioning is what best describes why this project is fantastic. BEAR1BOSS isn’t waiting to play stadiums to consider himself a popstar. He already is one. He carries himself like one, so he is one. BEAR1BOSS also doesn’t need to be at Paris Fashion Week in order to set his project there. And he doesn’t need Kanye’s blessing to use Graduation-inspired artwork. Rather, BEAR1BOSS’s universe seems to revolve around a foundation of individuality and integrity that says if I want to be, then I am.

And the best part is, he’s totally right. BEAR1BOSS is a popstar, and Super Fancy 2 is proof.

Check out the new project on SoundCloud below: