Hailing from Texas, PNTHN is a rap group that everyone needs to get hip to this year. Like, as soon as possible. I first became a fan after the release of their Potluck EP, and ever since, the group has done nothing but impress and grow with each successive release. Today, they keep the momentum pushing forward with a new, Romby-produced single entitled “SUPAFANTASTIC”.

At its core, this track acts as a wonderful testament toward the undying energy that PNTHN possesses. They trade off verses one after another, and in doing so, show listeners a level of chemistry that few artists have achieved in such a seamless manner — plus, the production always slaps, which certainly adds some value. That being said, “SUPAFANTASTIC” will surely keep the stocks rising for the highly-talented group, so be sure to click play below and follow PNTHN on Twitter here!