Coming out of Texas right now, PNTHN is a group that all of our readers need to get hip to. The rising talents’ confident ability to push their artistry is second to none, and as shown in the standout project, Potluck, PNTHN never compromises their innate group chemistry. Today, they keep the stocks rising with a remix of their own single, “SUPAFANTASTIC CHOPPA“, as reimagined by producer Por Vida. This release maintains the track’s galvanizing energy while bringing a bit of a twist to the table, and quite frankly, it works perfectly. If PNTHN can continue to keep fans entertained with such a consistently impressive roll of releases, then the potential, in this case, is truly limitless. Listen to “SUPAFANTASTIC CHOPPA” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mastered by Rich Munee