Summoner – [BBY GOYARD]

There are very few artists in the underground that have even close to the amount of respect that I have for BBY GOYARD. He is simply in a world of his own, and if you’re not creative, open-minded, or ready to hear some of the best and most unique music in the entire industry, then you’re going to breeze right past him without even realizing it. If you are any of the previously mentioned things, though, you just opened your world up to some of the most unbelievable songs that have ever been made, and you have Lil Shannon to thank.

When you tune in to one of his projects, it’s almost like he’s a group of artists within one being because the dynamic sounds he can create and very different vocals or stylistic choices he brings to life always bring something new to the table and I’m always curious which persona is going to come out in each new song he drops. Most recently, he decided to drop off an incredible new record entitled “Summoner” which was produced by Taylor Morgan and 4evr.

These two hitmakers joined forces and brought a few intriguing sounds to life including dreamy, ambient melodies, rapidly tapping hats, and some 808s that have such a deep pitch, they’re almost hard to hear yet they do the perfect job of not overtaking the otherwise airy instrumental. For this track, GOYARD decides to go with his wistful, higher-pitched voice that just works entirely too well with this type of beat, and this is possibly my personal favorite vocal style that he uses throughout his arsenal of music. It almost has this effect as if there is a constant echo trailing closely behind his main set of vocals as if it’s his number one fan reciting every lyric right along with him.

Aside from this, he also incorporates some insane new flows that are unlike anything I have ever heard from any other artists, and despite some of the hasty cadences, he never needs to rush them even slightly in order to make sure they sound fantastic. Finally, his wordplay is at an all-time high as always, and most of the words you hear come out of his mouth contain some sort of double entendres or pun that can go right over your head if you’re not meticulous while listening.

Although he still might have a cult following and hasn’t reached the masses quite yet, everyone else is simply missing out on BBY GOYARD’s insanely inventive music. Also, when I say inventive, I don’t mean that as a backhanded compliment even slightly. He truly is creating music in a manner that has never been done before and it’s hard to even describe it at times because it’s beyond words how out of the box and impressive his music is. Luckily, he also announced that this track is the first single from an upcoming album entitled The Secret Lies With Charlotte PT. 2 so that just means we’re going to be blessed with more new BBY GOYARD music sooner than later. While we wait, check out “Summoner” as well as the rest of his amazing body of work thus far because you’re sure to find more than one track you’ll vibe with without a doubt.