Lolo Zouaï’s High Highs to Low Lows kind of came out of nowhere and has become one of my favorite pop albums of the year.  She has the ethereal, glittery sheen of a pop star but the brash edge of a rapper and matches both with boisterous, catchy production; she even weaves in between French and English for an extra edge. Sonically, the album is as diverse as her roots.

She was born in France and raised in San Francisco, but her latest video is dedicated to “Summers In Vegas.” One of the more subdued tracks on the album, Zouï captures subtly evokes a bittersweet-twinge in her tender vocal performance as she reminisces on her time in Vegas. The personal, nostalgic direction is echoed in the visuals (co-directed, co-edited, and solely styled by Zouï) thanks to vintage clothes and the grainy, home movies-esque tint.

“Summers In Vegas” definitely showcases a different side of the budding pop star. To get to know the other sides, give High Highs to Low Lows some love.

Extra Credit: “Moi” & “High Highs to Low Lows”