Summer’s End- [Turbo]

If you know anything about me, you know that writing for Lyrical Lemonade is a massive part of my life. I work hard at it daily, and this article isn’t just any other article. It’s actually my 1,000th article for Lyrical Lemonade, and this milestone isn’t one I take lightly. Since I didn’t want to write about just any old release for this momentous occasion, I had to write it for something special. Insert Turbo, an artist who I’ve been a fan of for probably close to a year or longer, and after covering a good handful of his releases, I’ve even gotten to talk to him a few times, so I like to consider him a friend which makes this article even more meaningful for me.

After releasing an unbelievable album entitled Cocaine & Fireworks earlier this year, he has been riding high off of its success, making his latest single “Summer’s End” that much more special. I’ve mentioned in other articles about Turbo’s music that I’m typically not a country music fan, but there is something about the way that Turbo puts his own spin on this genre that makes his music so special, and this brand-new song is nothing different.

With an instrumental full of powerful acoustic guitar strums, hip-hop-inspired percussion, and deep, thunderous drums, Turbo thrives as he makes his way throughout this offering, showing you a different side of country music that I truly hope becomes more popular as time goes on. When he comes in to sing, his vocals are gritty and full of a Southern twang (despite being from Alberta, Canada), and they remind me of a more old-school type of country that is so much different than the pop-infused genre that it is today.

As he makes his way on, he even stops his singing to pretty much straight up say certain lines without any sort of melodious qualities, adding even more differentiation to his strong repertoire of talents. After he’s finished singing the hook, we’re led perfectly into a whistling bridge that even seems to contain some autotune, and this is such a casual yet addicting part of the song, I found myself whistling along after my first listen.

While I can’t even begin to think of a single negative thing I can say about Turbo’s innovative style and straight-up confidence behind the microphone, “Summer’s End” is yet another flawless addition to his already incredible discography. I can’t wait to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve moving on throughout this year, but you can bet your life savings that I’m going to be waiting with bated breath to see what he comes out with next.