Sugar Rush – [PARTYOFØNE]

UK-based burgeoning rockstar PARTYOFØNE grew up with Rush in his ears and an undeniable desire to create. This combination brings us to his debut single, “Sugar Rush,” a heavy pop-rock anthem that is electrifying to its core and an immediately gripping introduction into an artist who appears primed for big things.

PARTYOFØNE’s debut captures that lingering tingle, on-set buzz, the euphoric shot of bliss that courses through your veins when doing what you love. The appropriately titled debut, “Sugar Rush,” is an exceptional glimpse at PARTYOFØNE’s vivid lyricism and dynamic voice that illustrates both the excitable feeling of a rush and the inevitable crash. Supported by an array of blink-182 reminiscent drums, layered guitar riffs, and a dash of electronica that helps overture his sterling vocals throughout the chorus, PARTYOFØNE personifies his name to a tee, delivering a sound that can soundtrack any night out. Despite this being PARTYOFØNE’s first single, a song this good only makes me eager for what else is in store.

Listen to PARTYOFØNE’s debut single, “Sugar Rush,” below.