SUE ME – [Chow Lee]

New York’s own Chow Lee came across my radar recently, and I am elated that he did. The rapper’s introduction to me was through his latest project, SUE ME, a seventeen-track project that flips some of the most recognizable songs from Mariah Carey, Drake, Fountains of Wayne, who were responsible for the massive hit, “Stacy’s Mom” and Pretty Ricky. It’s these very clever flips that completely sucked in, keeping me on my toes while keeping me steady with familiar sonics. The sprawling project, although admittedly dense, has something for everyone and is a truly trailblazing new mutation of the drill sound that is addictively melodic but still packs a punch. Although this may have been my first introduction to Chow Lee’s music his choices in production and pioneer spirit to shake things up have solidified me as a fan. Check out the rising rapper’s latest project below, and make sure to keep your ear in tune for some of the most subtle flips. My personal favorites are “JUE LAN,” “WHY CAN’T I?,” and “POWER CREW.”

Listen to SUE ME by Chow Lee below.