For those who have been keeping up with Lyrical Lemonade lately, we recently covered an anthemic offering by the name of “EVERYWHEREIGO” from Virginia artist Baby Sosa. Anthemic by all means yet noticeably hard to put a finger on why I loved it so much, I’ve been listening to Baby Sosa quite a bit this week, and thankfully so, she’s back today to drop off a brand new single, “Stuntin”.

Produced by WHOISDONNY, this offering follows up “EVERYWHEREIGO” in its ability to entertain in such an eclectic, off-the-wall manner. Baby Sosa’s style is impossible to put into words, but her off-kilter flows and mysteriously captivating cadences will leave you clicking replay again and again, regardless of whether or not you understand why you love it so much. With this, “Stuntin” is a braggadocious offering at heart, allowing the rising talent’s inimitable confidence to electrify listeners, one line at a time.

That said, Baby Sosa is paving her own lane and refusing to follow trends right now, so don’t sleep. She’s on her way to having quite the prosperous year in 2019, and as such, I would highly recommend listening to “Stuntin” below to get acclimated with her wonderfully unique style!