Stunt – [OG Stevo]

Rogers Park native OG Stevo is one of my new favorite artists out of Chicago, he has been on a hot streak with the release of his Stevo Reloaded EP he dropped recently, and now he is back with a new music video for “Stunt”. OG Stevo plain and simply makes good music, he has an infectious energy about him and he has flashes of greatness. All of this is very promising considering just how young he still is, there’s tons of room for improvement which is awesome because he’s already really good. I believe that OG Stevo has a ton of untapped potential, and with due time, he can become one of the biggest artists out of the city. For the time being though, I am just enjoying watching him on his journey, take some time out of your day to peep this new visual below!

Shot by OG LJay