Studio Vibez – [YSN Fab]

Canada has grown as a destination for hip-hop music, but there are definitely certain provinces that seem to gain a lot more attention than other areas, but there are some emcees that mean business and want to change this narrative. If we’re looking at the country overall, it isn’t a surprise or shock to say that Toronto has taken the crown as our northern neighbor’s top music city when considering artists like Drake, The Weeknd, NAV, and plenty of others, but this doesn’t mean that people from other regions aren’t deserving of nationwide recognition.

Winnipeg, Manitoba is certainly on the rise, and it’s thanks to emcees like YSN Fab, a rapper, singer, and songwriter who has been in the industry since 2018 and making bigger and bigger waves ever since. After gaining additional international attention with his album Made 4 More, he has been on the cover of playlists and was even featured on the official “Beats By Dre” playlist. This led to recognition as one of the top Canadian musicians by Sidedoor Magazine and even one of the top up-and-coming black Canadian artists by Complex.

I thoroughly enjoy tapping in with his music as he drops more, and his latest release is entitled “Studio Vibez”, a track that certainly paints a lovely sonic picture that you can’t miss out on. The beat is fairly simple but in an intentional way because it is more than intriguing, but it doesn’t impede on Fab’s diverse skills whatsoever, so he is the center of attention and uses this opportunity to really shine. His voice is so pure and confident, so whether he’s stretching his notes effortlessly or speeding up his cadence, he is never anything less than on point.

I often make a comment about artists benefiting from a few more vocal alterations just to really emphasize their voices, and while I was thinking about mentioning this at first just to bring as much to the table as possible, I really don’t think YSN Fab needs these edits in this record to ensure its catchiness. That’s saying a lot considering I rarely listen to artists who don’t have some sort of addition to their vocals, and considering Fab has been blowing up with every new release, I think that “Studio Vibez” is another undeniable step in the right direction.