Lucas Garrison
Lucas Garrison
27 Jan 2020

Since posting “Ooowee,” the first single, all the way back in June, I’ve been really excited for Junia-T’s album Studio Monk. Each subsequent release only built up the hype and showcased the Candian producer’s versatility in the process.

With three distinct singles, it should come as no surprise that the selling point of the complete Studio Monk experience is the range of sounds, styles, and colors.  From no-frills, stark hip-hop beats to hazy R&B-inspired backdrops, and even some Dub/reggae influence, Junia broadens his horizons; the one consistent, however, is some really crisp drums.

It’s not just about the production either. Putting artists in a position to win is the mark of a great producer and Junia definitely does it all over this album. Junia does a stellar job of picking the right guest to man the vocals, so each track feels natural. He really succeeds in this with the female vocalist; Faiza, in particular, shines on everything she’s on. 

Standout Tracks: “Try Me,”‘ “WYAT?,” “Puzzles”