Streets – [Jean Deaux]

Chicago never has any shortage of talent, and that’s why it’s so surprising that it doesn’t get nearly the amount of recognition that I feel it deserves. With so many different styles of music and a variety of different genres, there is always someone new peaking their head up above the water and showing you exactly why they deserve some time in the spotlight, and some of them have been doing so for years. One of these artists is Jean Deaux, a wildly underrated Chicagoan who has been doing her thing in the local scene for a minute, and yet the rest of the country has somehow taken her for granted, but this is something I simply won’t do.

She is immensely talented and versatile, and that is abundantly clear throughout her very diverse catalog of music that she continues to expand upon as she moves on throughout her career. Luckily, she decided to drop a new song entitled “Streets” as well as an amazing self-directed music video that comes together for an amazing one-two punch that’s definitely going to strengthen her discography incredibly.

As a simplistic percussion foundation creates a path for Jean to do her thing, tranquil synths and strings come in for a calming melody that gives her the opportunity to go in whichever direction she pleases, and this is exactly what she does. When she begins to sing, she starts out with a melodious delivery that is combined with some quick lines in order to show off one side of her multifaceted talents. Moving on, she begins to truly elevate her enthusiasm and stretch her words out effortlessly, blessing us with some amazing notes that glide over the beat perfectly, and she proves once again that she is in no way, shape, or form a one-dimensional artist.

Although I have found the bulk of my admiration for her music coming from her more hard-nosed rap verses, I love hearing her build on this more straightforward style and prove that she’s more than just a rapper. “Streets” shows off her versatility incredibly well, making it a song you’re not going to want to miss out on, so make sure you check out the brand-new song and music video below whenever you get the chance.