Stranger – [Gaidaa] x [Saba] x [Jarreau Vandal]

“Stranger’ is a song about navigating the personal challenges of finding one’s truth and identity in a world that’s constantly asking you to have an answer. It’s about catching yourself in the midst of change and growth and somehow learning to trust both yourself and the process. The video tries to show me reflecting on my own idea of who I would be when I grow up, and how the projections I may have placed on myself played out in reality. The video is one straight take without any cuts, to me representing the idea that we are in an ever evolving ongoing process. Having the younger me in the video was to emphasize that though we may be looking for who we are, whilst taking on the process and projections, we find that the root of who we are remains” – Gaidaa

Fast rising Dutch-Sudanese R&B/Soul singer and songwriter  Gaidaa makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut via a poignant music video for her lovely song entitled “Stranger.” Featuring the immensely talented Chicago artist Saba and fellow Dutch producer Jarreau Vandal, the track is a refreshingly mellow offering with zero musical flaws. Sonically the vibe is chill throughout the entire record, and the appearance from Saba aligns perfectly to ensure that the rapping does not offset the calmly insightful soundscape. Accompanied by a Segraphy directed visual, it beautifully captures the thematic picture of Gaidaa expressing the lessons she’s learned to her younger self. Have a listen and check out the music video below.