Stop That – [Saba]

Few people are as important and pivotal as Saba is in the Chicago rap scene, no pun intended. From the very early moments in his career until now, he has changed so many people’s lives with his music, sharing some very tough, introspective moments of his life with his listeners, and this has done so much for so many different fans. Not only this, but he has dealt with so many personal hardships over the last few years, but he doesn’t let these things slow him down, and although they’re things that cause him pain and heartbreak, he perseveres, and that’s one of the most prominent takeaways I have about who he is as a person, not just an artist.

Care for Me came out back in 2018 and is still one of my favorite projects of the last decade, but I know he has a lot more to share, so finding out that his third studio album Few Good Things is finally set to release on February 4th of next year, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Although this seems like it’s still so far in the future, Saba continued his hot streak today with the release of a brand-new single called “Stop That” as well as a C.T. Robert and Jared Royal-directed music video that you need in your life immediately.

Unsurprisingly, this song is a hit, and Saba did an amazing job self-producing this record with a little help from Daoud and daedaePIVOT, so you already know he’s set up for success on that front. In the video, Saba hangs out in his Tesla as well as around a beautiful home that looks to be in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the city with someone who appears to be his mother. As we move along, home video clips are shown to give us a glimpse into his family’s history and the lineage that brought him here, and that’s probably one of my favorite moments throughout this entire video.

Aside from this, there are constant messages written out on the screen, giving us a bit more insight into what his upcoming album’s title truly means, and this is definitely a nice touch in order to help us feel more connected to the music that Saba puts his entire mind, body, and soul into. Saba isn’t going to miss, and that’s a simple fact, so while we patiently wait for Few Good Things to be in our hands early next year, make sure you don’t miss out on his brand-new song and music video combination for “Stop That”.