STOP PLAYING! – [Nasaan]

The history of Detroit rap is one of great talent and also many stories. At one point in time, the Michigan scene was pretty much carried by Eminem, one of the most notorious emcees of all time, but this narrative has shifted with time, and there is definitely a new wave that has changed the way the modern music business views the midwestern hub. Regardless of the current scene, there is no denying Eminem and his cohorts’ legacy considering they all paved the way for these contemporary emcees to shine, and that’s something that I don’t think can be overlooked.

D12 was one of the most vibrant and game-changing groups in the entire saga of rap music, and while Eminem might’ve been the poster child, there were plenty of others who made an impact along with him, including the late, great Proof. Well, music seems to run in his family because the homie just put me onto Nasaan who appears to not only be one of the most buzzing talents in the city right now, but also Proof’s son. “STOP PLAYING!” is the name of Nasaan’s most recently released song, and after tuning in, I completely understand why he’s making an impact as massive as he is, and I can’t wait to check out even more.

The instrumental hits as hard as I could ever imagine thanks to rowdy percussion, a mischievous melody, and thumping drums, but it’s Nassan’s infectious personality that really seals the deal for me. When he spits, he does so with so much energy, personality, and vibrancy that it doesn’t matter what he’s saying because I’m going to be listening more intently than ever. Rotating through a variety of cadences and bars that seem to get catchier by the second, there isn’t a single moment in “STOP PLAYING!” that seems to come up short, and I truly think that he is only going to continue gaining more notoriety by the day.

His father made an impact as one of the greatest to ever do it in Detroit, but I have a feeling that Nasaan is here to create a movement of his own that will solidify his own place in the Detroit rap hall of fame, and as long as he keeps dropping songs as entertaining as this one, he is going to be a household name in a matter of no time.