If you’re familiar with EGOVERT and have been following along on social media, you know that we’re preparing for something truly special with EGODEATH. While talking to him, he has hinted at some amazing upcoming events and releases that are going to be unfolding sooner than later, and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come for him moving forward. One of these releases happens to be his song entitled “STOP IT!” produced by Mathias Tyner as well as a 6ood Vibez and EGOVERT-directed music video to accompany it.

While the song is an all-out hit, that should come as no surprise whatsoever, so I wanted to focus mainly on the music video considering you’re going to hear the banger as you watch. Opening up with a caption that says somewhere out West, a clearly intoxicated cowboy heads into a bathroom to relieve himself, eventually looking in the mirror at himself while playing around with his pistol, joking around as if he’s in the middle of a gunfight with his reflection. After putting the gun down, EGO makes his way in, finding the gun and taking it for himself just in case it comes in handy.

After a short introduction for the song, it starts up as EGO finds himself surrounded by a slew of lovely ladies at the bar that he and the cowboy were hanging out at. While they continue to party, EGO is joined by a variety of interesting-looking characters who party alongside him and the women, enjoying every second of the night. Later on, the scene gets unruly as the cowboy bumps into EGO, beginning a fight that leads to an old-school Wild West standoff. EGO then uses the gun that he found in the bathroom to take care of his opponent, letting the party proceed as the cowboy’s body lays on the ground in the middle of the function.

At this point, it goes without saying that EGOVERT is truly one of a kind, and it’s even more insane that he seems to not have even gotten started with the real meat of his career. His talents are immense, and he always knows how to keep a party going, and while some previous releases have shown a different, more introspective side of the young artist, he is able to show off various sides of not only himself but his music as well. This visual is yet another addition to his long line of incredible music videos, and it complements the song insanely well. EGO and Mathias Tyner have proven to be one of the best duos in the game, and that is only going to continue to strengthen as their careers continue, so make sure you don’t miss out on their latest release “STOP IT!”.