Stitches – [good problem]

If you know the first thing about us here at Lyrical Lemonade, it’s the fact that we usually tend to focus more on hip-hop, rap, and r&b releases more so than other genres. That’s what we were built on and that’s the demographic that usually supports us, so there’s no reason to shy away from it. At the same time, though, I’m often told about artists and bands in other genres that catch my eye, and when I hear something that I think deserves more recognition, I can’t help but write about it and make sure as many ears hear it as possible.

Earlier today, I was sent some music from Massachusetts-based duo good problem, a band who might be new to the scene, but a tag team that has been making waves ever since they released their first-ever song entitled “Stitches” which came out just a couple of weeks ago at the end of August. Being described as a cross between Twenty-One Pilots and Coldplay, good problem also writes and self-produces all of their music, keeping things in-house to control every single ounce of their artistry, and it definitely shows in their first-ever single.

Opening up with some deep, pungent synths that are elevated by meaningful guitar riffs, the tempo of this instrumental quickly picks up as the drums and percussive elements are inserted, adding some energy and pace to the record. Although I know their two names are Eli and Elton, I’m not entirely sure who is singing, to be honest, so forgive me as I learn with you all. When he begins his croons, he matches the vigor of the production, delivering some powerful lines that are full of energy before slowing down, raising the pitch of his voice, and stretching out his notes to show off his versatility wonderfully.

In the hook, this dexterity is only elevated as the beat cuts out for a moment, allowing them to collect themselves before it drops again, and they come in with even more enthusiasm than ever before. Although this is their first single with many more on the way, I was definitely impressed with what I heard so far. Their sound might be described as alt-rock and their comparisons to the aforementioned bands definitely ring true, but I was also getting some The Kid LAROI vibes as well, and that’s high praise coming from me considering he’s one of my favorite artists out at the moment.

With just one single out, I’m already looking forward to the next release which is going to be in our hands in no time and considering this is just the beginning, I couldn’t be more excited for their future as they continue to grow and excel. With that being said, make sure you familiarize yourself with good problem’s latest song “Stitches” and if you like what you hear (which you will), be on the lookout for more incredible music in the near future.