Boston native Latrell James is a one-of-a-kind type of talent. Prideful as can be in the integrity of his artistic output, James never rushes his releases and refuses to compromise the quality of his art, which, over the years, has let to a notably limited output and a remarkably high standard for new releases. You’ll never catch Latrell James with anything less than stellar, and furthermore, you’ll never catch him dropping a song or project that doesn’t accurately reflect his mindset or current position in life. Unlike such a large portion of artists in the age of the internet, Latrell James really, truly cares, and this thoughtful vision couldn’t come together better than in his brand new EP, Still.

Taking the place of his once long-awaited album (which was two years in the making), this EP is the result of James scrapping the project and turning toward a smaller body of work to better represent his current state. Just 5 tracks in length, Still certainly keeps things concise, but packed with insightful commentary on racism, ambition, finding oneself and one’s voice, the effects of success, and so much more, James is able to make the most of each and every second of the project. The lyricism, while dense, maintains a refreshing energy amidst such airy, sun-soaked instrumentation, and James’ naturally alluring deliveries are at their absolute best once woven into his silky smooth flows.

There’s so much to say about Still, but thanks to the Boston representative’s remarkable artistry, I feel fully confident in letting the music speak for itself here. Artists like Latrell James only come around once in a blue moon, so be sure to show some love by streaming Still below! I promise that this one is well worth the time and then some — I’ll definitely be spinning this EP back all summer long.