Stickyola – [Kenneth Cash]

“STICKYOLA is a snapshot of how my mind felt when the song was made. Just like any of my other songs, during the process of making it, I end up turning into a person who isn’t really me…” – Kenneth Cash

With a much needed spark to the new year following 2020, Brooklyn based artist Kenneth Cash has done exactly that with his newest single titled “Stickyola.” Currently under AKTHESAVIOR’s management, Cash aims to mirror AK’s career success by splashing onto everyone’s radar. Despite not having any formal musical background or vocal training, Kenneth’s talents of today impressively vary from singing, rapping, and grade-A production. Much of Cash’s versatility stems from how he’s viewed himself, as he prefers to be known as an ‘expressionist’ rather than any limited descriptor. Not only does Kenneth Cash write, produce, and vocalize his own records, but he also demonstrates his craft on features. Most recently, Cash appeared on AKTHESAVIOR’s fantastic new project titled Almost Home by layering vocals and production on “Be Back Soon,” as well as additional production on “Bruce Leeroy” and “Reincarnated.” As for “Stickyola,” Kenneth once more proves his arsenal is sonically adaptable with this particular track serving a textured palette of smooth R&B and slick rap. Directed & shot by B.U.T.T.A, the accompanying visual fittingly implements a combination of dull and darker toned colors to match Cash’s introspective and lovestruck lyricism. Naturally, the beat is also exceptional, as it employs a unique repetitive ‘switch’ effect to emphasize Kenneth’s uncertainty over a complicated relationship. Check out the official music video for “Stickyola” below!