Stay Close – [Koastle] & [DLG.]

As we inch closer and closer to summer the need for artists who embody relaxing energy while retaining a sense of uplifting bounce are more important than ever. This brings me to the freshly rebranded project of the Orange County DJ group formerly known as the Lost Boys, now called Koastle, and their new single, “Stay Close” with DLG. The DJ duo, comprised of members Andy Mueller and Brett Beaudette, have fully revamped their project as a tandem in helping to create a dazzling electro-pop world that plays into the best parts of laidback euphoric pop and blissfully shimmering electronic production. Although the song finds its center in the space of electro-pop, the assistance of up-and-comer DLG. leaves a trail of lingering soulful breadcrumbs throughout the duo’s debut that authenticates the song’s ability to operate in the more niche of spaces while simultaneously remaining competitive on a larger scale.

Listen to “Stay Close” by Koastle and DLG. below.