Starfire (Teen Titans) – [6 Dogs]

It’s crazy to think that just over a month ago, we received the extremely unfortunate news that legendary artist 6 Dogs passed away, and my own personal world was rocked. He was legitimately one of the first underground artists I had ever gotten into so many years ago, and the way he made music definitely shaped many of my values and admirations when it comes to the music I tended to find myself gravitating towards. He is the definition of an icon, a legend, a hero, and a voice for kids who were dealing with similar struggles and experiences that he was, and he was just always a beacon of light for his massively loyal fanbase.

Although this news still affects me daily, 6’s music still has such a powerful message that can break through boundaries and constantly positively affect listeners to this day, so when I caught wind of his posthumous project RONALD, there was a slight breath of fresh air that was followed up with obvious excitement for some new 6 Dogs music. What got me even more excited was the fact that I saw a brand-new single entitled “Starfire (Teen Titans)” released at the end of last week, and I couldn’t help but tune in and write about it.

Daniel Hartzog and Woods teamed up to take over the production of this record, and they did an unbelievable job of incorporating outer space-like synths, airy percussion, and smooth, succinct drums that combine for an out of this universe-inspired instrumental that is as unique as 6 Dogs is himself. While the inventive instruments shine through and provide a wild and out-of-the-box foundation, 6 goes in with a very smooth, unbothered disposition that teeters on the fence of trying to remain calm and almost not caring at all, intentionally of course.

With this even-keeled charisma, he’s still able to raise and lower the pitch of his voice, never getting too enthusiastic or excited with his delivery while still being able to provide some amazing melodies that are simple yet sophisticated, and they’re sure to get lodged in your brain just like every other 6 Dogs song has in the past. While his voice doesn’t ever seem to go off the rails, he has such a command behind his vocals that almost make it seem like the beat is following his lead, making sure he’s the star of the show even if the limelight isn’t even slightly what he’s seeking out. At the end of the day, 6 Dogs did it again with this single and he’s undeniably going to do it yet again when the album is in our hands in just a couple of weeks.

What makes me even more excited for the album beyond just having new music is the fact that it is going to come out the way he intended it. In a statement from his family and team that was released on his Instagram page not too long ago, it is specified that “The album is exactly as Chase intended it to be. It was completed and delivered to our distributor on January 9th and has not been altered”. This is amazing considering there are no outside alterations, and every single part of this album is coming straight from the mind, body, and soul of Chase, giving us one final message that is sure to be as powerful as it will be saddening knowing how influential and important he was to his family, friends, and fans. Nonetheless, we need to continue to celebrate the life of 6 Dogs, and “Starfire (Teen Titans)” is only the beginning of the celebration that RONALD is going to be, so make sure you prepare yourselves for the album when it releases on March 12th.