Daydream Masi has been one of my new favorites to listen to this year, and today you should take the time out to give his new single “Stardust” a spin! Akon, Ohio isn’t necessarily a hotbed for musical talent but Daydream Masi is turning out to be a diamond in the rough. What makes Masi unique is when he drops a song you never really know what you’re going to get from the 21-year-old artist. He’s able to cross over genres ranging from hip-hop, electronic, r&b, pop and more making his sonic palette very admirable. “Stardust” will be the second single by the Ohio upstart that has been released under the Interscope Records imprint. With a major backing him, we should really be in for a treat as Masi’s sound and music should continue to flourish.

Stream Daydream Masi’s new single “Stardust” after the break.