Honestly, when sitting down to write about the latest single from Mavi, “Squashmatch,” I questioned whether or not it was even worth saying anything about the song simply out of fear that my writing wouldn’t fully capture its prowess. Thankfully so, the budding talent decided to throw the lyrics of the song in the description on SoundCloud, and after reading through each line probably about four or five times at this point, I can confirm that Mavi has to be in consideration as one of rap’s premier upcoming lyricists right now.

At face value, his technical skills are unmatched, but even deeper below the surface, Mavi is wise beyond his years in a way that you rarely ever see in an artist. I’m sure the Earl Sweatshirt comparisons get tiresome for Mavi, but honestly, It’s tough to remember the last time I felt this excited about someone’s lyricism other than, well, Earl.

Mavi is a gem of an artist and the kind of storyteller who only comes around once in a generation, so I would recommend showing him some love. Fresh off the release of his recent two-pack, comprised of “alone” and “iwont/elevatorpitch,” Mavi has done it yet again, and this time, maybe even better than before.

Get hip to one of the best lyrical performances I’ve listened to and read through in quite some time by streaming “Squashmatch” below! By my estimates, Mavi is in the fast lane toward notoriety if he can continue releasing such consistently outstanding music.

Also — I’ll save you the time so that you don’t have to read my ranting, but this beat hits the soul and I’m just about certain that nothing I can write would do it any justice. So, yes, this song is good.