Split – [Rich The Kid]

Rich The Kid has worked long and hard to truly become a mogul in the Rap world, but 2020 seemed to be the year where he took things to another level. While he might’ve made songs during previous years that topped charts and received countless streams, last year was a moment in time where he made some business moves that would further his career even more than ever before. He announced that he was a fully independent artist and owns his masters while also releasing music on his Rich Forever Music label.

Last year, he dropped albums like Boss Man and his collaborative effort with YoungBoy Never Broke Again Nobody Safe while also contributing words to various other albums for artists like Lil Wayne, Trippie Redd, and Drakeo The Ruler. While things seem to never slow down even slightly for Rich, he decided to get this new year started off the right way with a brand-new single entitled “Split”.

DY Krazy, one of the most talented producers in the entire scene, created this record with a combination of poignant strings or synths of some sort that are brought to new levels with some simplistic yet crisp percussion and quiet, background 808s that play a perfect role in continuing the tempo even with all of the rhythmic changes Rich incorporates. In the hook, he provides us with a more melodious, catchy chorus than you might be expecting, but it honestly is so captivating and it’s something I found myself humming long after the song was over. Although the chorus is a bit more tuneful, he quickens his words and flows in his verses, switching things up and adding some much-appreciated differentiation to the party.

In order to keep the fun going, Rich teamed up with director Rich Porter for a little Rich to Rich action, and the duo dropped off an accompanying music video that is definitely a sight to see. Unlike many of his other visuals that contain an uncountable amount of luxury cars, half-naked women, and drugs, Rich keeps things simple and clean as he takes his talents to the Bahamas where he relaxes, forgets any and all of his worries, and clearly gets a fantastic start to his new year.

I feel like so many people overlook Rich The Kid’s talents and overall intelligence because earlier on in his career, many people believed him to be a hitmaker with no substance. He has clearly been proving this misconception wrong time and time again as he has continued on in his career, and especially with all of the recent money moves he has made, I don’t think anyone can question him even slightly anymore. He still makes hits, but he’s much more multifaceted than people once thought, so I think people need to start giving him the props he deserves. You can start by checking out his brand-new single “Split” and the music video that couples with it, because you certainly won’t regret it.