Spend – [Serane] x [CashCache!]

French rapper Serane has had a particularly viral week on twitter, stemming simultaneously from both a video that went viral in America of one of his recent snippets where he was quickly labeled as the “French Goonew” in what was many people outside of the current underground scene in America’s initial exposure to him where he was met with a lot of love and some hostility, as many were upset at the appropriation of the DMV flow reaching as far as Europe while equally many were flattered that foreigners are showing such immense love to a criminally underrated style. And also, if we had to keep up with every rapper who bites off of Goonew we honestly wouldn’t have many left. Serane also had a polarizing week in the French music blog world, at least from what I could gather from the “translate tweet” button, but it is certainly clear that he is the unquestionable king of French SoundCloud which is a fascinating and quickly growing scene that is bringing plugg-music to Europe. Serane has been working extensively now with Atlanta producer CashCache who has been the sonic backbone in the plugg music renaissance that is building on last decade’s innovations from the likes of Mexikodro and StupidXool. Because of this relationship Serane is no stranger to the American scene, collaborating with well known names like Tony Shhnow, 10kDunkin, BoofPaxkMooky, and more. Serane’s visuals have all been beyond captivating up to this point and there is an undoubted swagger about Serane that is very distinctly Parisian as he carries himself with a distinct refined charisma and fashion sense that I am certain will be copied quite a bit on both sides of the Atlantic going forwards and his latest visual for “Spend” is a perfect example of this. Directed by STANKO, the “Spend” visual calmly brings the gentle and subdued track to life and STANKO captures Serane in a number of metropolitan scenes across Amsterdam. Be sure to check out Serane’s recent mixtape “Serane Meets CashCache” if you have not already as well.