Whenever I cover a new song from Virginia’s Baby Sosa, I always struggle to capture the sheer individuality of her art. Few, if any, artists present such a left-field approach toward arguably the biggest trend-following genre out right now, and accordingly so, the impact of an artist as honorably-weird as Sosa can’t be understated. Today, displaying this very eccentricity, the budding talent is here with a new single by the name of “Spend It.”

Produced by EvilGiane, “Spend It” kicks things off with a muddied, almost ethereal beat, strategically placed under the audio of an argument over the phone. After the first 38 seconds or so, the sample sprouts into a bright, hyper-melodic instrumental, and right off the bat, Sosa hits the ground running with shining lyrics, equal parts triumphant and ambitious. Per usual, the VA representative hovers above the beat with a set of vocals that refuse linearity, and the result is yet another perfect display of Baby Sosa’s wonderfully-odd, colorful world.

That said, “Spend It” adds to a growing list of impeccable singles from the budding talent, so don’t sleep. Stream Sosa’s latest at the link provided below!

Produced by EvilGiane
Artwork by Lowe