Speed-[Little Simz]

“I’m already a legend you should humble your speech” – Little Simz

North London artist Little Simz recently released an impeccable new album titled Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, and “Speed” is just one of the many impressive songs off the project. With themes of empowerment, self-expression, and vulnerability, “Speed” stands out as the outlier with sheer confidence and braggadocious lyricism. Rather than Simz riding the beat, the instrumental follows the artist’s multi-syllabic flows as she dictates her own pace with an unbothered rhythm. Sonically there’s refreshing experimental elements on the production side which mirrors Little Simz’s insistence that she’s often wrongfully put into a categorical box. Stylistically each line has its own memorable flare, and Simz effortlessly proves that she’s capable of mastering any musical tempo. “Speed” may have the least depth conceptually off the LP, but it’s importance stems from Little Simz demanding her respect as an underrepresented artist. Other tracks such as “Woman” delve more deeply into her identity as a Black woman and the resulting excellence that comes from her Naija makeup. In my view, the fact that two separate tracks contain equal importance with different subject matter speaks to the brilliance of Little Simz’s artistry, and I can only hope that she receives the flowers she deserves. Have a listen below!