As R&B continues to surge, the genre itself has begun to bleed and borrow in and from various genres to evolve the preexisting sound. A true explorer of this new sonic frontier, that I had the pleasure of recently stumbling across, is the dynamically ambient music of Dallas, Texas-based artist Bby Bruja. My introduction into her lush and romantically euphoric sound came from her six-track Southern Alice Volume 1 – EP. Filled with thrilling production, that stimulates your spirit as well as your ears, glamorous lyrics on heartbreak, self-confidence and introspective ideas about the world makes the 19-minute showcasing truly special.  

Opened by the soft guitar-led indie-pop instrumentation, Bby Bruja’s opening record, “Brujo,” sets a stirring impression upon first hearing her euphoric vocals and electrified production. The love-riddled intimacy of the EP’s opener quickly transitions to the loud and confident distorted attitude of “Ode to Icy.” Bby Bruja wields an unrelenting flow atop static-filled production that echoes her visceral delivery. The following three tracks, “Sapiosexual,” “Fine Wine” and “Concrete,” find their center with more reeled-in production allowing the Texas singer to showcase her range as a singer and songwriter. The EP’s closing record, “Miss Me,” reverts to more familiar sounding Hip Hop production that helps bring the project to a resounding end. Although not an entirely new artist, Bby Bruja is bringing a refreshingly versatile sound to the current R&B landscape that we should be paying very close attention to.

Listen to Southern Alice Volume 1 by Bby Bruja below.