It’s hard to remember the last time I heard a 17 year old sound so confident on a track.

Liltrxptendo‘s most recent release, ‘Soul Trainn,’ begins with a wavy sample and a booming, unexpected energy from the young rapper. Let me tell you, this dude is no run of the mill SoundCloud rapper – he has bars, flow, and an incredible voice for Hip-Hop. The song features fellow rapper KESHORE, a fitting collaboration for the the dynamic rapper.

The Maryland rapper articulates his emotions regarding the hate he received prior to success. ‘They just want my clout, they don’t really want my life doe.’ Produced by Sauron, the song screams summer with the lead sample and good vibes.

Far from finished, the Liltrxptendo has new tunes coming soon.

Stream, ‘Soul Trainn,’ here:

Words by Barry R