YEAT has been making a name for himself across the underground scene for some time now with his avant-garde ear for futuristic beats and prolific approach to music making that initially established him within the last embers of the “SoundCloud scene” as we first new it and now has seen him reinvent himself even further and push himself to be even more experimental in his sound, cliquing up with many of the best young new producers around to help him further mature his sound and make it more unmistakable, in a lane where artists are far too okay with sounding like the next man. On his latest track YEAT connected with DMV-based videographer and director Moshpxt who has made some of the best music videos of 2021 already and is making it obvious that if you are an artist hoping to come up on any sort of ‘underground’ or, honestly even ‘street’ sound in the DMV, that you have to work with him because of his laser-focused attention to detail and seamless editing and at times full-blown animation. YEAT tapped TRGC and Sharkboy for the production and they turned him the fuck up, creating a lightning fast and chaotic instrumental that has many different layers and patterns that let YEAT find many different flows and tones that worked at any given moment while the beat morphed as it developed. If you haven’t listened to YEAT’s new project 4L yet I would definitely suggest that and I am honestly hoping that this group continues to create together, as YEAT could not possibly have a better visual team and producers behind him.