Sorry 4 Luxin’ – [Stunna Cold]

Atlanta’s Stunna Cold is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with an exciting new project Sorry 4 Luxin is very much a survey of sounds of sorts across all of the underground’s hottest current styles, from melodic plugg-musings to more futuristic ‘pluggnb,’ if you will, Stunna Cold does it all and does it all very well with a familiar but still distinct voice and array of flows that are touched by the perfect amount of autotune that never overpower his vocals and instead make them all the more captivating when coupled with his bold and glittery instrumental choices. Through tracks 1-12 every song gives you something to engage with, but my favorites were “Rick the Ruler” for its almost textbook plugg-beat that meshes a suspenseful but not overwhelming violin sample with the classic bouncy percussion, as well as “007” which’s futuristic r&b instrumental is another one of my favorite beats on the project and Stunna Cold skates all over it with his sing-songy flows and atmospheric ad-libs. Dylvinci’s beat on track ten “Emirates” is characteristically happy-go-lucky and Stunna floats over Dylvinci’s smooth sounds that instantly put you at peace and becomes more and more intricate the harder you listen. Keep an eye on Stunna Cold for the rest of 2021, I am really excited to see where he takes his sound next and I hope to see him lock in with some specific producers for some collaborative projects through the summer as he has an obvious and undeniably incredible ear for beats.