Songs that inspire me Vol. 2

Now that I’ve shifted my writing focus to quality over quantity, it seems like a newfound freedom has been unlocked in my creative process overall. For the longest time, I was trying to figure out why the feeling of burnout was so prominent in the midst of completing tasks like daily articles; but after much soul searching, it was apparent that I began sacrificing what inspires me for something that was just simply good enough to write about. Do not get me wrong, I love writing about good songs, but for the sake of my brain and overall fulfillment, it is imperative that I only open open up this WordPress account when I’ve found something that deeply moves me.

Today, it’s with great joy that I come to this platform writing about an artist who is out of this world talented. I spend a lot of my time scouring the internet for music that pushes the limits of how great music can actually be. With so many things sounding the same these days, there has to be some sort of factor that separates the good from the phenomenal and today’s newcomer possesses that factor. If you’re active on tiktok, then odds are you’ve stumbled on a girl named Kaleah Lee. For some time, the Vancouver based singer/songwriter has been making a name for herself putting her masterful spin on well-known songs. I remember the very first time I heard her voice; I can only liken it to the experience you get when you finally find something that you’ve been passionately searching for. The up and comer has one of the most delicate, yet dynamic tones that I’ve heard in a while. Truly a breath of fresh air.

Although her covers have played a role in her internet notoriety, Kaleah makes it onto our pages this morning for the release of an original song that will leave you utterly speechless. The debut offering, “Heavy Handed” is hands down one of the/if not the best song you’ll hear all week. It’s just honest music. No fabrication, no distortion…just an artist offering up parts of her soul to create art that penetrates the hearts of listeners everywhere. Described as a love letter to putting pen to paper, Kaleah explains:

“‘Heavy Handed’ is sort of like an ode to journaling. One of the only ways I feel that I’m able to properly express any challenging emotion or thought I have is through writing, so this song is essentially multiple journal entries thrown into one place. It’s super important for me to be as honest and raw as possible because of how artists like Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Gracie Abrams have done the same and created such a safe space in their music. I hope this song, and anything else I ever make, can offer even an ounce of the comfort their music has brought me.”

If you plan on listening to this song, please make sure you’re in a space where you can truly experience it with minimal interruption. Certain songs deserve your undivided attention in order to appreciate every aspect/nuance and “Heavy Handed” most definitely falls into that category. Kaleah Lee has given us a reminder of why music is so special and impactful. I could write an entire essay about this song, but I’ll let you all listen and formulate your own thoughts. I’ve attached the song link down below, so at this point, all I can say is, enjoy. Congratulations to Kaleah on such a beautiful debut!