Song – [Suigeneris]

If you have paid any attention to the underground music scene over the past few years, you should probably be familiar with the artist who goes by the name of Suigeneris. Back in 2017, he seemed to just be some 14-year-old troublemaker running around with a bunch of older emcees, causing a ruckus whenever he had the chance and making it known that he was as individualistic as it gets and not just some follower who wanted to be like the older crowd he surrounded himself with.

I admittedly never really tapped in with his music very often back then, but I was well aware that he was hopping in the booth every chance he got, and it is obvious that considering he started young, he was bound to make waves with more experience. Well, Sui is now 18 years old and even though this is still young compared to some of the other rappers in the genre, he is using his experience to his advantage, which is wonderful to see on his latest single entitled “Song”.

Produced by Internet Money’s resident hitmaker Cxdy, this beat takes me back to a time when heart-stopping bass and out-of-this-world instruments took over the SoundCloud world, and Sui is the perfect artist to bring me back to this time over a beat like this. Opening up, he dumbs things down for those who aren’t versed in the world of music making, sharing a heavily enunciated hook that basically explains the song’s structure as clear as possible. This happens in every chorus, but when it comes to the verses, this is where he truly shines.

Continuing with the same vitality and dynamism as he has in the simpler hooks, Sui begins to go off the rails, spitting copious amounts of ignorant lines that are as rapid-fire as ever, showing off his temperament and enthusiasm in the booth. Add in the JVRGE-directed music video, and “Song” is one of the most nostalgia-inspiring offerings that I can think of, taking me back a handful of years to a time when underground SoundCloud music was the only thing on my playlists.