Solar System – [Famous Dex] ft. [Trippie Redd]

Famous Dex has been an icon in the Chicago music scene for quite a few years, at this point, and although it’s been a minute since he might’ve gained nationwide recognition for songs like “Drip From My Walk”, “Pick It Up”, or “Japan”, that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still one of the hardest working artists in the industry. Earlier this month, he released his second studio album entitled Diana after his mother who unfortunately passed away a few years ago after her fight with breast cancer, but I can say with the utmost certainty that she’s looking down from above and smiling at all of Dex’s success.

One of the standout tracks on the album is undoubtedly “Solar System” which features Trippie Redd, and although you have most likely heard it by now, I figured I’ll cover some of the basics before getting into the brand-new music video. Ambient synths begin right off the bat before intergalactic noises and a percussion-heavy instrumental begin to take shape, transporting us to another universe that only Dex and Trippie can create with their unbelievably creative minds. Trippie only takes the various hooks in this track, offering up some smooth, unphased notes that ring off into the distance and echo within your mind throughout the entire offering.

What I appreciate so much from Dex on this track is the fact that he takes the opportunity to show off a more calm, melodious side of his talents, matching Trippie’s tuneful flow on the chorus while also adding in his own signature spin on the harmonious delivery. Although Dex doesn’t get as wild or animated as we’ve come to expect from the enthusiastic emcee, his personality is still on full display with his myriad of different sounds. Even some of his typical ad-libs are still included, but they’re sung and elevated by the autotuned effects on his voice rather than screamed or shouted like they normally are.

As for the video, the two talents travel to the moon, carrying on the outer space theme of the song while also complementing their consistent coverage of all the weed they smoke that can be heard throughout their lyrics in the song. While in space, the two talents bounce around, dance, and just vibe out while wearing astronaut costumes as they smoke countless blunts, sometimes two or three at a time. While it’s a fairly simplistic setting for the first half of the song, things change up slightly for Dex’s second verse as a yellow couch appears out of nowhere. The two rappers take a seat while they continue to smoke their weed before an alien appears out of thin air, carrying a large jar of even more marijuana that he brings to share with them. Aside from the fairly minimal activities they partake in, they also carry around some sort of laser blasters that shoot beams of light around the area, and as the alien hops on his space ship to vanish into the distance, the two rappers wave goodbye and lead us out of the visual.

When I saw the clip from this video on Instagram, I was expecting slightly more of a story than what was delivered, but I’m not mad at the outcome in general whatsoever. They could have made the entire outer space theme look much cheesier than it appeared to be, and it did the job of complementing the track nicely, so I’ve got no complaints whatsoever. I still need to take some time to revisit Diana in its entirety once again because it has been a few weeks since I was able to do so, but I do remember being impressed after my first listen, so I’d suggest checking it out if you haven’t already. Either way, make sure you check out the brand-new music video for “Solar System” featuring Trippie Redd below.

Directed by Jared Asher Harris