Soda Stain-[The Golf Club]

The Golf Club is a brand new act out of City Terrace, California that NEEDS to be on your radar if you’re looking for some great new music. The singer/songwriter pop duo is making their debut appearance on the pages of lyrical lemonade today, but I certainly don’t foresee this being their last time on this platform.

Their new song, “Soda Stain” is a spectacular showing of who we’re dealing with when it comes to The Golf Club on a talent level. These guys are truly special. Their production gifts are off the charts as they’ve somehow managed to create a track that instantly captivates you as soon as the beat cuts on. With that. It’s important to take note that their lyrics and melodies are top tier in every sense of the word. I’ve been having a blast getting to listen to this track and I know that whoever heard it will feel the same way.

The Spotify link is attached below, so make sure you listen and tap in with The Golf Club!