So and So [Saba] x [Flex Lennon]

“I was talking with some friends recently, and we were talking about vulnerability. My idea or explanation of it immediately went to dealing with adversity and sharing that experience of overcoming it. Everybody kind of came to that conclusion for it. And another friend brought up the fact that sharing joy and sharing happiness is also vulnerable” – Saba

After a brief music hiatus, Chicago native and Pivot Gang veteran Saba recently dropped a satisfying two song bundle. The first of the pair is titled “So and So,” which is a brief, yet addictive banger produced by Flex Lennon. Lennon’s instrumental incorporates a nice mixture of a soothing melody with up-tempo 808’s, which perfectly aligns with Saba’s lowkey yet striking signature flow. The paired track is titled “Areyoudown Pt. 2,” which is jointly produced by fellow Pivot Gang member daedaePIVOT & Hawaii based producer Mr. Carmack. Lasting just 121 seconds, the song admittedly sounds effortless due its length, but per usual Saba somehow maintains his perfect enjoyability record. Not to mention, the subject matter is quite serious despite the track’s short duration, as Saba reflects on various mental afflictions that he’s had to overcome. Unafraid of expressing his vulnerabilities, Saba simply wants his rapidly growing fanbase to know that he too is an imperfect human being subject to the same highs and lows as anyone else. Check out the accompanying visual for the record below, which was directed by Ian Lipton & produced by Krista Worby!