SMOKIN! Freestyle – [BBY Goyard]

There’s not much left to say that I haven’t already said about North Carolina by way of Maryland rapper BBY Goyard. If you haven’t woken up yet and seen the incredibly dexterous styles that Goyard has given us throughout his myriad of releases over the years, there’s not much more I can say other than you’re missing out on some of the best and most distinct music out. It feels almost weird calling him a rapper considering how diverse his sounds are and the sheer adaptability he has shown throughout his extensive career in the underground music scene. With Hyper Pop gaining more and more popularity, I look at Lil Shannon as being one of the founders of this subgenre, yet not all of his releases can simply fall under this category alone. He can make fast-paced, chaotic hits, Trap bangers, and club anthems, but his talents stretch way beyond these varieties as well.

Take one of his most recent songs “SMOKIN! Freestyle” for instance, then go and explore the rest of his music, and you’ll have a hard time finding any two songs within his hundreds of releases that sound even slightly similar. Although I just wrote about this track a couple of weeks ago, it had even more vitality introduced to it recently with the release of a wild and captivating new music video. Directed by Aris Cline, we are given a glimpse into the hectically brilliant and artistic word that Goyard has been living in, and whenever I see a new visual from this artist, I’m drawn in and dumbfounded even more than ever before.

The camera opens up on his shoes, and although it’s dark and I can’t tell what brand they are, they’re covered in glitter as they sparkle and shimmer thanks to the dim lights that surround him. Animated explosions and colorful backdrops are utilized, capturing your attention from the moment this video starts up. One shot utilizes a fisheye lens as he makes his way through a construction site on the sidewalk while other clips show him fanning out his plethora of cash, flaunting his wealth for all to see. While the settings he uses might not be the most extravagant or interesting for other talents, he takes a simple neon storefront light and is able to make the most out of the situation, bringing his subdued mannerisms to the forefront as the fast-paced song shows a different side of him entirely.

Other scenes use a choppy effect that almost makes it seem like he’s utilizing still shots in a flipbook-like fashion that confuses your mind in the best possible way. Another brief scene shows Shannon in a thermal heat scope of some sort as bluish-green smoke fills the air on the green screen behind him. All the scenes shown are quickly changed in a manner that makes it even tough to decipher what’s going on, putting your mind in a pretzel and elevating the hastiness of the instrumental perfectly. While there is so much going on in such a short span of time, all the colors, animations, and effects used play such an important role and bring this music video to new heights, unlike anything I could have ever expected.

Considering I’ve been a fan of BBY Goyard’s for so many years at this point, I can’t say that this is my absolute favorite song by him, but it’s still awesome, nonetheless. When you look at the other hundreds or even thousands of records he has out at this point, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly which track by him is my favorite because there are just too many to choose from to narrow my admiration down to just one, but each song elevates his discography incredibly, this record included. All of his music videos also always pair with their respective hits seamlessly, with “SMOKIN! Freestyle” being no different whatsoever. It shows his creative personality while also giving you a little peek into his amazingly inventive brain, and that’s been a constant theme throughout every visual he has released in the past. While I doubt his abundant output will ever slow down, you need to catch up on the wonderful music BBY Goyard has been creating throughout the years, and this video is the perfect starting point, so check it out below and see for yourself.