Smile – [The Weeknd] & [Juice WRLD]

Some things in life are just meant to happen and speaking certain moments into existence can certainly help put some of these things out into the universe. When Juice tweeted that he and The Weekend would inevitably make a diamond record with one another, it was only a matter of time before it actually happened. Juice was already a massive star and was somehow gaining even more traction than ever before which was seemingly impossibly considering he was already one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. The Weekend, however, has pretty much already cemented his legacy as one of the greatest singers of our generation who also knows how to make hit after hit, so when everything fell into place and he got an opportunity to deliver a verse on a previously recorded Juice song, he knew he had to make some magic with the dearly missed icon.

The song I’m talking about ended up being called “Smile” and it’s a song you’ve probably been seeing everywhere considering how big of a deal it is that this collaboration finally happened. Internet Money production masterminds Nick Mira, Taz Taylor, and Cxdy all got together to bring this song to life and man did they go nuts, which isn’t surprising whatsoever in all honesty. The melody begins with divine, almost melancholic synths right before crisp, clean percussion and tempo-setting drums come into the scene and provide some movement to the offering. As appealing and masterful as this instrumental is, it in no way, shape, or form takes anything away from either of the two powerful artists which I believe is the most important thing.

While Juice makes his way throughout the hook, he chops up his words and delivers them in segments, coupling with the pace of the beat and adding a bit more bounce to the track. When he comes in for his verse, he begins singing his lines at a higher pitch but gradually lowers his notes as he moves further with his words before going back to the higher starting point once again on the next line. He quickly changes up his cadence again, offering some of the telltale despondent and sorrowful tones that he has been known present within his voice, and it’s done so in such a tasteful, addicting manner. After another hook, The Weeknd offers his two cents and it was better than I even anticipated. It’s no secret that there’s an abundance of passion and emotion within every song he sings but hearing him right on par with Juice almost feels like an out of body experience.

The echoing effects on his vocals come off as if he’s in the middle of an empty room alone, playing up the somber feeling and solemn lyrics he’s singing. He also rotates between masterfully stretching out certain notes in their purest form and firing off some more rapid lines in his continuously melodious fashion, adding some impressive diversity to his verse. For the final hook, the only amendments that are made incorporate certain ad-libs being included from The Weeknd, complimenting Juice’s voice flawlessly. As both artists make their way throughout this track, they discuss problems within their relationships, inner struggles, and ultimately admitting that their main goal is their significant other’s happiness, stating that they’d do anything it takes to see these women smile.

It was clear from the jump that having two of the most talented artists ever on a song together would be a hit, and I don’t think it was a stretch for Juice to predict that they’d go diamond. Although there are so many differences between their singing styles and sonic abilities, I loved hearing the gritty, truthful qualities in Juice’s voice paired with The Weeknd’s purer and cleaner sound. I can’t believe that these artists haven’t worked together before and hopefully, The Weeknd will get more opportunities moving forward to hop on posthumous songs, because we all know just how hard Juice worked before his extremely unfortunate passing, leaving us with an arsenal of unreleased music to help keep his legacy alive and well. There’s also a similar video for this track that there was for his song “Come & Go” where artist David Garibaldi rapidly paints portraits of the artists, giving an intriguing visual to accompany the incredible song. I’m sure you’re going to be hearing “Smile” virtually everywhere in absolutely no time, so be sure to check it out and get in on the ground floor before it truly takes off.