In rap music, I feel as though fans get caught up in a fabricated lifestyle, of course, because it’s entertaining; likewise, fans sometimes pass it off as boring when emcees talk about the lifestyle of an everyday person. I’m the opposite, however. I love different narratives, whether they be real, fake, or even just something from someone else’s perspective. Matching this idea, we’re here to shed a light on Buffalo emcee, Jae Skeese, who just dropped a creative new animated visual for his single, “Smile”.

Earlier this month, Jae dropped a thorough conscious body of work with his new album, Subjective Humility. On this project, Skeese talks about adulthood, adjusting to fatherhood, and the lessons that have shaped his mind around these two themes. Following this up, “Smile” teaches you to smile about little things in life, from when you first open a bottle of Henny to when you get your W-2’s or paycheck in the mail. Out of all of the animated videos I’ve seen, the creative Tom Holt really illustrates a unique 2D and 3D point of view on Jae Skeese’s latest story, and it shows simply by matching the idea of presenting a different, appreciative perspective that we can all relate with on some level.

Watch the video for Jae Skeese’s “Smile” produced by Mitch Arizona below and let us know what you think in the comments!