Slide – [midwxst] ft. [Slump6s] & [ericdoa]

It should come as no surprise to you that midwxst is one of my all-time favorite artists right now, but if you’ve followed along with my articles up until this point, that’s been abundantly clear for quite some time. He is always one to push the limit and never conform to what might be expected of a young up-and-comer in the current music scene, and that has only helped him solidify himself in the industry as one of the most innovative and entertaining artists in the entire world, at least he is in my opinion.

Watching him go from a kid with a dream to a kid making those dreams come true has been one of the most amazing journeys to experience first-hand, and it still boggles my mind with the fact that he’s only getting started. A month or two ago he dropped off his latest project Back in Action and considering it is a project I haven’t grown even slightly tired of for a second, I keep looking for more and more content from the rising star because he’s just such a fun emcee to watch grow.

Out of every track on this project, one of my favorites has to be “Slide” Featuring Slump6s and ericdoa. While Slump was an artist I didn’t know much about before hearing this track, he definitely caught my attention 100%, and you already know eric steals the show every time he spits a verse. That’s why, when I saw that they all teamed up for an All the Smoke-directed music video, I couldn’t help but write about it. While this visual is the type of video where they pretty much live their life to the fullest and record some run-and-gun shots as they go, it comes together in the perfectly energetic and appealing fashion, making it a visual you need in your life as soon as possible.

The majority of it takes place at an amusement park while other shots show them at shows or just hanging out in random locations, but every scene is incorporated through various picture-in-frame edits and other collective moments that show off the best of a few different worlds that these artists are living in. I’m not going to stop listening to BIA anytime soon, and I don’t think any of his fans will either, so make sure you join in on some of the fun by tuning into midwxst’s brand-new music video for his song “Slide”.