Sleep Like A Baby – [Nate Husser] ft. [Jean Deaux] & [Eva Shaw]

Although I’m not entirely familiar with Montreal’s very own Nate Husser, I do know that he makes some absolutely incredible music and he has worked with a good amount of Chicago artists in the past, so he’s definitely an artist I try and keep on my radar. That’s why when I saw that he teamed up with Eva Shaw and Chicago’s very own Jean Deaux for an unbelievable new music video for their incredible song “Sleep Like A Baby”, I couldn’t help but talk about it.

Directed by Gabrielle Laila-Tittley and Alexandre Pelletier, things start off fairly normal as Nate wakes up in bed next to two lovely ladies. After a bit of fun with them, it turns out that he was just dreaming of this situation and his reality wasn’t at all what he had hoped it would be. Soon enough, he wakes up in a crib with a baby doll’s body but his actual adult-sized head, giving us a very obscure yet creative turn of events that only get wilder as the visual continues.

When Jean comes in, she acts as a weather woman for a brief second before things switch up and she ends up spray painting the green screen behind her, sending security running after her even though they’re too slow and she’s able to escape. Getting back to Nate, he finds himself in the body of an extremely elderly man who is laying in a hospital bed. While eating his food, he begins to choke, prompting a grim reaper-inspired character to show up and laugh at his struggles, eventually watching him die and pass on.

After his death, Nate turns into an angel who begins to float up to Heaven before something changes and he begins plummeting down to his eventual destination of Hell. Finally, the visual comes to an end with a pretty comical advertisement for “the trap next door” where you can get a ton of cheap drugs, but this is just something you need to see to understand fully.

While the song itself is legitimately possibly one of the best things I’ve heard all week, I was definitely blown away by the music video as well. What I didn’t mention earlier is the fact that the entire video has a sort of vintage, 90’s-inspired theme to it that truly made these wild scenes even more enthralling, and I don’t think it could have turned out any better if they tried. Nate went off and Jean absolutely killed her verse as well, per usual, but Eva Shaw truly did an unbelievable job of creating an impeccable foundation for these two artists to go as crazy as they did. I couldn’t speak highly enough of this song or music video because it’s just something that you need to see for yourself, so tune into “Sleep Like A Baby” as soon as you possibly can!