SKYLINE UNLIMITED – [kojima plus]

If you’ve spent any amount of time on TikTok this past spring, it’s likely that you’ve come across LA native kojima plus and his signature blend of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music. Going from effectively 0 to 3400+ followers in a matter of weeks, the South Central artist is quickly picking up traction with his near-genreless music that pulls from a wide range of styles and influences (Toro Y Moi, Kanye West, Choker). Kojima’s an artist known only by the lucky few that keep their ears to the ground – but that changes today. Returning this week with his newest EP SKYLINE UNLIMITED, kojima plus hones his sound even further with five futuristic new tracks that span the genre register from hip-hop and pop to plugg and electronica. From the opening cinematic energy of “Saturn” to the final moments of space-age psychedelia on “Surfin'”, SKYLINE UNLIMITED is the most concentrated and boundary-pushing release from kojima plus thus far. Tracks like “Colors” are sparkling and melodic cuts that could have been pulled straight from Channel Orange, while the anthemic “Japanese Synth” sounds like an alternate reality where Kevin Abstract existed in the Cowboy Bebop universe. Synthesizing multiple influences and elements into something unique is no easy task, but kojima plus has a secret affinity for doing just that – and SKYLINE UNLIMITED is the perfect testament to this.

Returning to fans on the first day of summer with five new tracks, you can bet that kojima plus is sure to take over your weekly rotation as the weather starts to heat up. Perfect for listless days by the pool or speeding across town past midnight, SKYLINE UNLIMITED is not a project to miss this year.